My Homeless Project – Steve Huff (artist research)

My Homeless Project 2006-2008

The homeless population in America is growing every year and a few years ago I lived in an area that seemed to have many homeless men and women walking the streets. As I took my daily walks I would see them, say hi, help them out with food and water or even blankets in the winter. One day back in 2006 I decided to document my walks through the streets of Phoenix, AZ so with camera in hand, away I went to make some new friends.

In each case I would sit down with each individual, talk with them and then find out about their situation. I would buy them a meal, bring them some cold  water and help with money if they needed shelter. In exchange they opened up to me and allowed me to shoot their photos ( I ALWAYS asked if I could). Sometimes I would sit for 2-3 hours just talking and found out that many of these men and women were once like you and me. A bout of bad luck or a twist of fate landed them on the street and in some cases mental illness had taken hold of some of them.

Above are a few images from Huff’s project. His work interested me because his images have a purity to them, they make me think about the fact that we cannot avoid the truth. They are hard hitting, even though my project just aims to catch behaviour in a certain place, it is also based on real life. I also love that they are in black and white, and on film. I would like to use 35mm film for my images because just like Steve Huff’s photographs, I want them to have quite a vintage feel to them, and I am interested in the fact that they are physical objects rather than files on a computer.

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